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Digital TV from Satellite

The Australian Government is funding a new free to air satellite service – the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST). VAST will provide digital television to viewers in remote areas of Australia who currently rely on analogue services from the Optus Aurora platform; as well as viewers who are unable to receive digital TV through their normal antenna because of issues relating to local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter in their area.
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The VAST service covers all of Australia and includes ABC1,2 &3 SD channels,
SBS1&2 SD channels, ABCHD, SBSHD, ABC24, 7, 9 and 10 network channels
including 7 TWO, 7 MATE, GO, GEM, ONEHD, and 11.
The local news content from regional broadcasters is also available on
a dedicated local news channels exclusive to VAST

The UEC DSD4121 is the authorised satellite receiver for this service.
This receiver comes complete with smart card and this card can only be
used with the VAST receiver it comes in. It is not transferable, and
will not work in any other Irdeto receiver..
The VAST signal is on Optus C1/D3 satellite.
If your current Aurora system is working properly, and you want to upgrade
to VAST, it is only a matter of buying a VAST receiver and connecting it to
current working Aurora dish. It should load the channels immediately
providing the LNBF setting in the receivers matches your LNBF on
the dish. The standard setting is 11300. If your dish LNBF is 10700 you
will need to change the LNBF setting in the VAST receiver to match
your LNBF value.

General Information for existing Aurora Customers switching to VAST

Viewers that are currently watching ABC, SBS, Seven Central and Imparja
on an Aurora satellite system, and have a genuine registered Aurora card
should be able to swich over to VAST now and have their commercial channels
activated by submittion the application on line, by fax, ot by post.
Channel 800 will start working as soon as a suitable dish is connected
and enough signal is received. When the smartcard is activated the other
channels will appear on the list. Stock is available now.

The brand is UEC and the model is DSD4121
Cost is $279 each + $18 freight for 1 unit or $28 for 2 units. 5 or more
units will be sent freight free with registered post. The receiver comes with
Yellow, Red and White RCA leads to connect to the composite video/audio input
of your TV. This will give standard definition resolution.
If the viewer wants high definition resolution they need a TV that will support
it and then they need to connect the receiver to the HDMI input on their TV.
They will need to purchase an additional HDMI lead.
We are offering good quality HDMI 2M leads at $15.40 each inc GST with a
receiver purchase.

Add a 2.0M HDMI to HDMI lead to your order only $15.40! CLICK HERE

The VAST service can now be accessed by eligible viewers in all states.
Access to Commercial TV services is subject to an eligibility test that
takes into account commercial television licence areas and availability
of conventional terrestrial television services at your location.

There are four categories of viewers eligible to access Commercial TV on VAST

1. Viewers in the Remote Central & Eastern Australia Licence Area:
For more information on VAST View Map
2. Current Satellite Viewers outside the Remote Central & Eastern Licence Area:
these viewers currently watch satellite television and have special permission
(“out of area” approval) for the existing “analogue” Aurora satellite services
because they are in a television black spot.
They will have an original Aurora smart card that is registered with Optus
and this smart card number will be included on their application to activate
their VAST service.
3. Viewers in regional and metropolitan areas served by normal terrestrial
TV services but who are unable to receive TV after digital switchover.
As digital switchover rolls out across Australia, regional and metropolitan
viewers who will not be able to receive television after switchover can apply
for VAST access 6 months prior to switchover. More information here
4. Travellers: people travelling in caravans or motor homes in Remote Central
and Eastern Australia are eligible to apply for temporary access to Commercial
TV on VAST. Click Here for Travellers Application
5. Western Australia: Access to all the channels on the VAST service are not
currently available in Western Australia. However, an interim service is
currently being rolled out for those in eligible areas of Regional and Remote
Western Australia

If you are not eligible to receive commercial TV services on VAST, you are still
able to receive ABC and SBS in all states. For more information on how to access
ABC and SBS only please Click Here

The VAST receiver will work on the existing Aurora
satellite dish providing is is currently working with
your Aurora system ,and it is in good condition. The LNBF
frequency of the LNBF on your dish needs the match the
setting in the receiver. If it does not, it needs to be changed.
The instructions to change the LNBF frequency are on a form
in the receiver carton. Once the VAST receiver is connected to
the dish, it will load channels. Once loaded the receiver should
start playing the ABC and SBS channels after 30 minutes.

The Commercial channels need activation by applying for this
activation on the form enclosed with the receiver and mailing
it or faxing it to VAST, or
Click Here to go to the Online Registration Page and check your eligibility!
This is an automated on-line process that will give you information
about terrestrial digital TV services in your area as well as VAST
service information. Follow these steps on the site to check eligibility
or register your set top box.

1. Enter your address and post code in the search address field and click “Go”
2. Your location will be marked by a pin on the map. If its not in the correct
location drag it to the correct spot and click “Refresh”
3. Select the “Satellite Eligibility” tab to display information about recieveing
VAST at your location
4. If you have a VAST set top box and wish to register it, follow the prompts
in the information window.
There is a section in the application where you need to insert
your current Aurora card number for verification of your current
connection to Aurora. This must be filled out if you want the channels
activated without delay.
To get your channels activated, you need to be living in an Aurora area,
outside the reach of terrestrial transmitters, or you need to have a working
Aurora system that has had special permission in the past for its activation.
If your area has had the analogue channels switched off, and you cannot receive
any digital channels, you do not automatically qualify for the VAST service.
You need to contact VAST and find out if you can be activated unconditionally.
If not you will need a digital terrestrial signal survey done and submitted

For help with the general VAST application process Click Here

f you are currently an "Out of Area" Aurora satellite viewer and need help with
the application process Click Here

If you have previously had access to the VAST services but have either lost
your services due to an unknown fault or because your decoder was not powered
up at the time of registration please Click Here for automatic re-activation.
When is VAST going to be available in areas other than Remote Central
& Eastern Australia?

Viewers who are eligible to access VAST services outside the Remote Central
& Eastern licence area can do so from the following dates:

Region Digital Switchover Date VAST Access Available From
Mildura/Sunraysia 30 June 2010 Now
Regional SA & Broken Hill 15 December 2010 Now
Regional Victoria 5 May 2011 Now
Regional Queensland Date TBA in Second Half 2011 6 Months before Switchover Date
Regional Southern NSW Date TBA in First Half 2012 6 Months before Switchover Date
Regional Northern NSW Date TBA in Second Half 2012 6 Months before Switchover Date
Tasmania Date TBA in First Half 2013 6 Months before Switchover Date
Perth Date TBA in First Half 2013 6 Months before Switchover Date
Brisbane & Gold Coast Date TBA in First Half 2013 6 Months before Switchover Date
Melbourne Date TBA in Second Half 2013 6 Months before Switchover Date
Adelaide Date TBA in Second Half 2013 6 Months before Switchover Date
Sydney Date TBA in Second Half 2013 6 Months before Switchover Date
Darwin Date TBA in Second Half 2013 6 Months before Switchover Date
Remote Western Australia Date TBA in Second Half 2013 TBA

The Channels on VAST are- ABC1, 2 and 3, SBS 1 and 2, ABC HD,
SBS HD, 7,9 and 10 in SD, 7 two, 7 mate, GO, GEM, ONE HD, 11 and a
Regional News Channel.
The regional news channels plays news from your area, not necessarily
your town, but from a region that is about 400km radius from your town.
Something like the local news you get now on terrestrial channels.

The Government has established a national information telephone line
and a website to provide advice and assistance to viewers in the transition
to digital television. The Digital Ready Information Line operates seven
days a week from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm (AEST) on free-call number 1800 20 10 13.
The Digital Ready website may be accessed at

For further information regarding Government Subsidies, please call 1800 20 10 13

For Registration and Activation of smartcards, please call 1300 993 376

Key Features

The DSD4121 high-definition set-top box is specifically designed for the
Australian VAST service delivering industry leading quality and
performance at market leading pricing.
The DSD4121 employs a new generation STi7111 microprocessor
incorporating the latest secure processor technology,and is
equipped with an HDMI interface,component video, stereo
audio outputs with digital audio S/PDIF, and a USB 2.0 port.

• STi7111 Secure Processor Core
• MPEG-2/4 HD compliant
• DVB-S2 Front end
• F-Type Satellite input
• IRDETO secure silicon conditional access
• 450 MHz core processor
• Over-the-Air secure software download
• HDMI output
• Component video output
• Coaxial S/PDIF digital audio output
• Optical digital audio output
• Dolby digital audio
• Subtitles
• Stereo audio outputs
• USB 2.0 interface for firmware upgrade only
• 8 Day electronic program guide
• Compliant with Australian VAST services